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ASA Statement Form 2020

Created for the Industry to fulfill identity and condition requirements for part transactions

ASA Statement Form 2020 is created for the industry and has incorporated the identity and condition fields needed for commercial transactions.

With collaboration and feedback from operators, lessors, distributors, manufacturers and repair stations the form incorporates the data items needed to facilitate commerce. With the commitment and backing of ASA, the form will not be a stagnant document but reviewed and updated yearly if needed.

Want to review the document and start to use it? Not an issue. ASA maintains a copyright in this work, but extends a license to this work for purposes of copying and using it (but not for the purpose of making derivative works). As part of that license, ASA disclaims any liability for harm caused by the ASA Statement, or by misuse of the ASA Statement. This documentation is provided on an “as is” basis, without warranty of any kind. Under no circumstances shall ASA or any of the authors/contributors be liable for damages resulting directly or indirectly from the use or non-use of the ASA Statement or the instructions for the ASA Statement.

ASA Statement Form 2020


ASA Statement Form 2020

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ASA Statement Form 2020 (Presentation PDF)