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ASA-100 Documents


ASA-100 Rev 5.0 was released on January 1, 2020. The effective date is July 1, 2020. Immediately below are the documents for Revision 5.0. The information for Rev 4.0 will remain available on the website until July 1,2020.

ASA-100 Standard

ASA has carefully defined the procedures within ASA-100 to assure that aircraft parts distributors can adopt appropriate aerospace practices. In addition, the standard was created to comply with FAA Advisory Circular 00-56. We ask that all companies applying and re-applying for ASA-100 accreditation, thoroughly review the ASA-100 Standard.

ASA-100 Letter of Interpretation

ASA has created a tool called a letter of Interpretation (LI). LIs are used to provide guidance regarding ASA-100 and/or FAA AC 00-56. LIs are required if applicable to your business. Each LI addresses requirements and future expectations. To review the active LIs, please see the list below. To view an archive of LIs (active and non-active), please visit our LI Archive Page.

ASA Best Practices
ASA has created Best Practice documents for Disposition of Unsalvageable Parts and ESD Handling.

Quality Manual Template

The QM Template is a guide to help companies create a manual that encompasses all the elements of ASA-100 and FAA AC 00-56. The Template will assist a distributor in creating the manual, however the distributor will need to make sure that their system is in compliance with ASA-100 and FAA AC 00-56. New companies interested in becoming ASA-100 accredited have used the template as assistance in writing their Quality Assurance Manual. The cost for using the QM Template is $350 for ASA Members and $550 for non-ASA Members. If you are interested in purchasing the template, please contact ASA.

ASA-100 Self-Audit Checklist

ASA has prepared a Self-Audit checklist to assist companies when conducting the required yearly self-audit. A new company must use the ASA-100 self-audit checklist. The completed checklist must be provided to the auditor prior to the Accreditation Audit. ASA recommends that all companies continue to use the ASA-100 self-audit checklist but a company can use their own checklist after becoming accredited to ASA-100.  

Corrective Action Report (CAR)

Under the ASA-100 System there are at least 2 ways a company can be issued a CAR: (1) from ASA during an audit and (2) an internal audit.  Below is information and guidance documents for both forms. It is recommended that you review both forms, Guidelines for QAMFORM 3, instructions for ASA-100 Audit CAR Form, and the two sample CAR forms as each has information that can be used for understanding the CAR process.

ASA-100 Client CAR Form (QAMFORM 3)

ASA has created a tool that ASA-100 companies can use but are not required. The ASA-100 rev 4.0 Corrective Action Report is for internal use by an ASA-100 company in regard to a company's Corrective Action Process.  

ASA-100 Audit CAR - Intelex Nonconformance Instructions
ASA Audits are now performed through Intelex Auditing Software. Nonconformances are issued instead of CARs. Below are instructions for responding to issued Nonconformances and samples explaining how to respond to issued NCRs.

ASA-100 Test

The ASA-100 Test is available for companies to use for in-house training on ASA-100, and can be modified to reflect the companies quality system. *Note: An answer key is provided.

Sample Customer/Client Survey

ASA allows ASA members and ASA-100 accredited companies to use the ASA-100 checklist as part of the vendor approval process if a company wants to base it on ASA-100. This document is not required by ASA and has been developed due to many requests by companies to use the checklist.  


If you have any questions regarding ASA-100 or any of the supporting documents,  please contact ASA.