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Steps For Certification

Interested in becoming certified to ISO 9001, AS9100, AS9110 and/or AS9120?

You are in the right place.  ASACB is an ANAB accredited certification body for the above standards.  ASACB only provides accredited certificates to ISO 9001, AS9100, AS9110 and AS9120. 

Below is a description of the ASACB's Certification Process.

Step 1

ASACB values its relationship with our Clients and strives for a long-term relationship. Therefore it is our goal that our Clients have all their questions and issues answered. Each Client will be assigned a contact person for all stages of the certification process. If you have any questions regarding the process email ASACB.

ASACB has an online application that needs to be completed. The application provides ASACB with the information needed to determine if ASACB is competent to conduct the audit; the parameters of the audit; and the pricing associated with the audit. There may need to be some communication between ASACB and the Client in order to assess the Client's needs.

ASACB will send via email a contract to the Client which includes legal terms and pricing. If ASACB is unable to support the proposed audit, ASACB shall notify the company and explain why we cannot provide the certification audit.

Client shall review the contract and, if needed, ask questions. Once the Client determines to use ASACB as its registrar, Client needs to return an executed contract.

The support team assigned to the client shall be identified.  This team includes an Administrative Contact, Accreditation Manager, Application Reviewer, Certification Decision and the Auditor(s).

ASACB will begin to work on preparing for the audit. All new registrations shall have a two-part audit, referred to as Stage 1 (readiness review) and Stage 2 (audit). If the contract is for a Transfer of Certification then the audit steps will change. A transfer may require an onsite audit, this is dependent on the standard and other factors. Recertification Audits typically do not need a Stage 1 audit. Please contact ASACB for details about the transfer and recertification process.

Client will be required to work with ASACB to gather all the information needed for the audit including manuals, process cross reference matrix, review of auditor qualifications, approval of audit schedule, etc.

The audit process typically includes corrective action. Details for responding to findings shall be discussed with Client during the audit.

Once all the findings have been completed, the ASACB Auditor shall forward to ASACB the audit package. ASACB Auditor does not make the certification decision. ASACB shall review the audit package and determine approval status. Certification is issued upon successful completion of the Stage 2 audit.

Client will be notified of approval and provided with a certificate. Certification is maintained through a program of yearly surveillance audits and a recertification audit will be performed in year three of the current certification cycle.

Client will be asked to complete a Client Survey so as to provide critical feedback to ASACB for improvement.

While we hope that this does not happen, it is necessary to discuss what happens if ASACB determines to not certify the Client. Client has the right to appeal that decision. ASACB has a robust appeals process and Clients will be provided with information about the appeals process.

ASACB can also audit to FAA AC 00-56 and ASA-100 (These services are supplied and processed under the auspice of the ASA not ASACB). If you want those audits conducted, let us know!