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Why Join ASA?

ASA promotes globally, best quality and business practices, harmonization and supports global trade. This is all performed by a very pro-active and immersive membership. ASA’s members, the board and the quality committee take control of our industry destiny. The results are proven, and we invite and encourage you to be active participants.

Government Affairs


ASA’s government affairs program focuses on regulatory and legal matters that affect member businesses throughout the world. ASA works with governments and industry groups to improve regulations, laws, best practices and standards in parts distribution.

Use of ASA Member Logo

The ASA Member Logo is known throughout the industry as symbol of dedication to safety. Only ASA Members are entitled to use the ASA Member logo on their website, stationary and other printed materials.

News & Information


ASA news services keep members informed of regulatory and business challenges and opportunities. Member news & information services include bulletins, blogs, alerts, webinars, on-line training, one-day classroom style workshops and ASA's Annual Conference. 

Exclusive Partnership Benefits

ASA members are entitled to exclusive discounts on business services from various partners including liability insurance, employee services and collections.