FAA AC 00-56 Accredited Companies


FAA Advisory Circular 00-56 establishes a civil aircraft parts distributor accreditation system. This system involves voluntary industry oversight. The FAA strongly endorses participation in this system.  FAA AC 00-56 lists ASA-100, ISO 9001, AS9100, AS9120, and AS9110 as acceptable quality system standards. 

The current revision of AC 00-56 is revision B Change 1 was released on April 26, 2024. The FAA also released an InFO24004. Links to all documents are below. One of the changes included the removal of the TAC 2000 standard as an acceptable quality system standard. There is a sunset date for all TAC 2000 certificates of January 24, 2025. Additional details regarding TAC 2000 can be found in the InFO24004.

Current Documents:

FAA AC 00-56B Change 1


FAA Website Listing Acceptable Quality System Standards

When is a Distributor Considered Accredited and What is the Process?

Distributors become officially accredited to FAA AC 00-56 when they appear on the Voluntary Industry Distributor Accreditation Program Database. The Aviation Suppliers Association manages the database for the FAA.

    How To Add Your Company:

    Submission can be limited to 2 pages:

    1. A cover letter that meets the requirements of AC 00-56B (Appendix 2 is the sample letter). ASA has created a template letter that companies may use.
    2. A valid certificate, signed by the accreditation organization. The certificate must indicate that you met FAA AC 00-56B and an acceptable quality standard. For some ISO based filings this requirement will be fulfilled with a certificate for the ISO based standard and a certificate for FAA AC 00-56.


    Submit your Database Letter and Certificate copy(s) via one of the methods below:

    1. Send Email (Use this link to forward your Database Letter and Certificate. The email button below is for questions only; it does not have the capability to include attachments.)
    2. Fax: +1 202-347-6894
    3. Mail To: Database Manager, Aviation Suppliers Association, 2233 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Suite 503, Washington, DC 20007

    The Database Manager will contact you if the submission does not meet the elements of FAA AC 00-56. To verify that your company information is listed correctly, go to the database listing. As per AC 00-56, ASA has up to 10 business days to update the listing. The listing is typically updated nightly.

For Historical Purposes:

FAA AC 00-56B

FAA AC 00-56A

FY 2004 Audit Report

Legal Warnings:

    * Only ASA can accredit a company to ASA-100. 

    ** Use of any ASA trademark is restricted by ASA. Just because a company is listed on AC 00-56 database does NOT mean the company can use an ASA trademark. If you have any questions about permission to use an ASA trademark, email ASA.