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Trademark/Logo Usage

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Companies certified by ASACB are eligible to use the trademarked ASACB logo. ASACB's trademark has value and therefore ASACB enforces its rights as the trademark holder. ASACB would like to know if a company is illegally or improperly using the ASACB trademark. Only companies that are certified by ASACB and that have signed a license agreement for the trademark are eligible to use the ASACB trademark. A certified client may choose to use ANAB's Accredited Logo in conjunction with ASACB's Trademark. The certified client must follow ANAB's POLICY ON USE OF ANAB ACCREDITATION SYMBOLS AND CLAIMS OF ACCREDITATION STATUS - Document Number PR 1018. Information about other trademarks owned by ASA can be found under About Us.

                                 Any questions regarding usage, call ASA at +1-202-347-6899 or