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Communication is essential for ASACB to meet its commitment of high customer satisfaction. 

ASACB has a process that details Appeals and Complaints. Click here to read the process and use the link below to file a compliant and/or appeal.

Curious about the geographical locations in which ASACB conducts certifications; want to know more information about a certification issued by ASACB like status, normative standard, scope of certification and/or geographic location of the certification - click here to send an email to ASACB.

If you are a current Client, please let us know how the certification process went by completing the Client Survey: Client Survey

If you have a Complaint about ASACB or one of its Clients please complete our Complaint Form: Complaints, Our process for complaints handling is defined in SOP 9.7/8 which can be accessed via the following link: SOP 9.7/8

If you are a current Client and wish to Appeal an element of the certification process please complete this Appeals Form: Appeals

If you wish to discuss an issue with ASACB and the issue does not fall within one of the above categories, we accept and welcome phone calls and emails.