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ASACB has documented procedures for appeals.  The procedure is in SOP 9.7/8.  Clients may request through e-mail or phone a copy of the SOP. The appeals process is designed to allow the Client a formal opportunity to dispute decisions made by ASACB.  Technical and interpretive decisions concerning conformance with the ISO 9001 Standard to which the organization is audited by ASACB can be appealed.  Examples of appeal issues are but are not limited to:

a) a decision made by an ASACB auditor concerning a finding;

b) a decision made by an ASACB auditor concerning adequacy of corrective action;

c) a decision made by an ASACB auditor concerning interpretation of the ISO 9001 Standard;

d) a decision made by ASACB concerning passage or failure of an audit.

Business decisions concerning the ASACB certification program, business decisions concerning an ASACB certification program contract, and constraints invoked by law, or regulation, are not eligible for appeal.

An appeal of the decision must be filed with ASACB not more than 30 days after the decision is made.  The auditee will file an appeal via mail, e-mail, fax, or online form to ASACB.

The appeals process is limited to clients (companies with a contract with ASACB).

If you wish to submit an appeal online, please log-in below before proceeding to the appeal form.

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