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Membership Application

Types of Membership

If you are already an ASA Member and wish to renew your membership, please log-in and visit the "Membership Renewal" page. If you have logged in and the membership renewal page isn't recognizing you as a member, please renew your membership using this page. If you are an individual looking to support the association we do have a membership category for individual supporters, please contact us. *All Membership payments are non-refundable.

Regular Membership

Any company or individual that is directly involved in the purchase and/or sale of aircraft parts qualifies as a Regular Member. This includes, but is not limited to, suppliers, distributors, repair stations, operators and manufacturers. Companies are not required to maintain inventory in order to qualify. Note: that those directly involved in the purchase and/or sale of aircraft parts are not eligible for Associate Membership and must become Regular Members.

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is limited to companies that do not qualify as Regular Members; i.e. companies not engaged in the purchase and/or sale of aircraft parts.  Examples of an associate member company are inventory valuations consultants, software provider, parts listing providers, insurance provider, etc.  Associate Members are entitled to all rights and privileges of Regular Members; however, they may not nominate, elect or serve on the Board of Directors.

Associate Membership for Air Carriers (Complimentary) - please fill out PDF application

Any air carrier that is certified under FAA Part 121, FAA Part 129, FAA Part 135 or a non-US equivalent of FAA Part 121 qualifies as an Associate Member.