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The Edward J. Glueckler Award

Each year, the Edward J. Glueckler Award is given to an individual in recognition of outstanding commitment, dedication and contribution to the Aviation Suppliers Association and to the aviation industry. The nominees are submitted by industry with award recipient selected by the ASA Board of Directors. The awarded is presented at the ASA Annual Conference.

The award is named for Edward J. Glueckler, the founder and first President of ASA. In honor of Mr. Glueckler's outstanding contributions to the industry, the ASA Board of Directors selects a recipient who exemplifies his vision and enthusiasm.

The award was first presented in 1998, the first recipient being Edward J. Glueckler.

2023 selection process is detailed below:

What is the nomination process for the Edward J. Glueckler Award? 

Any person can nominate an individual for the Edward J. Glueckler Award. Nominations are submitted online using this link. Information needed to nominate a person is nominee name and contact information; and details regarding the nominees commitment, dedication and contribution to ASA and the aviation industry. The nominee does not have to be an ASA Member, for example prior recipients include government employees. 

Nomination Period: March 6-27, 2023

Selection Date: April 17, 2023

Edward J. Glueckler Award Recipient Announced: June 5, 2023

2022 - George J. Ringger

2019 - Nin George

2018 - Mitch Weinberg

2017 - Ron Wolf

2016 - Greg McGowan

2015 - Richard Levin

2014 - Setsko Huffman

2013 - David Damron

2012 - Chris Anderson

2011 - Roy Resto

2010 - Mike Molli

2009 - Edward Bayne

2008 - Bruce Sechler

2007 - Joseph Cosma

2006 - Harry Schaefer

2005 - Bill Cote

2004 - James Sdoia & Bruce Langsen

2003 - John Butler

2002 - Peter Gallimore & William Tipton

2001 - Kenneth Reilly

2000 - Jay Rosenberg

1999 - Albert Michaels

1998 - Edward J. Glueckler