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ASA Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing the management of the Association as well as developing the long-term financial and strategic plans. Directors devote a substantial amount of their personal time to ensure the success of the Association. Directors must be from a Regular Member that sells aircraft parts. There are four quarterly meetings as well as frequent conference calls between the meetings. The Board of Directors is a volunteer board and as such ASA does not pay for the expense associated with attending the quarterly meetings. 

The Board of Directors is also responsible for appointing the following officers: President, Corporate Secretary and Corporate Treasurer. In 2019 there was a change to the ByLaws that impacted the length of the term of an elected Director with the intent that election terms migrate to a three-year term with elections for three Directors each year. This change will take place over the 2019 and 2020 election periods. In 2019 there was an election for six Directors, with three serving two-year terms and three serving three-year terms. Click here to see a chart with the Director name; whether appointed or elected; and term expiration date. 

Additional information about Director responsibilities are detailed in the Bylaws. If you have questions about become a Director, consider contacting a current Directors.

Barry Allen
Manager, Material Services
Airborne Maintenance & Engineering Services, Inc. (AMES)
Phone: 937-366-2393

 About Barry

Barry Allen has 32 years of aviation experience driving his success as Manager, Material Services for AMES a subsidiary of ATSG, Inc. located at the Wilmington Air Park in Ohio. Barry assumed his role as manager in May 2016 and has been setting sales records with his staff ever since.  Barry's team is responsible for an extensive inventory of aircraft parts that are marketed to internal and external customers. 

The success of the Material Services Division at AMES has been attributed to the knowledge of aging aircraft and being prepared for upcoming maintenance requirements. This can be through consignment, tear down, or repaired parts. Barry began his Material Services career as a Store Keeper and worked through various sales positions. This career path equipped Barry with an extensive knowledge of aircraft parts that provides the leadership to this team and unsurpassed service to his customers.

Barry resides on his family farm in Sabina, Ohio with his wife Mary Ann where they raise corn and soybeans. They are the parents of five children, nine grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. Barry has served as an Elder for the Sabina Church of Christ for more than 11 years and enjoys being part of a small farm community.

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Corporate Officers

Michele Dickstein


Jason Dickstein

Corporate Secretary

Reynaldo Roche

Corporate Treasurer

Jeanne Meade

Corporate Officer, Committee to Safeguard Impartiality