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ASA Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing the management of the Association as well as developing the long-term financial and strategic plans. Directors devote a substantial amount of their personal time to ensure the success of the Association. Directors must be from a Regular Member that sells aircraft parts. There are four quarterly meetings as well as frequent conference calls between the meetings. The Board of Directors is a volunteer board and as such ASA does not pay for the expense associated with attending the quarterly meetings. 

The Board of Directors is also responsible for appointing the following officers: President, Corporate Secretary and Corporate Treasurer. In 2019 there was a change to the ByLaws that impacted the length of the term of an elected Director with the intent that election terms migrate to a three-year term with elections for three Directors each year. This change will take place over the 2019 and 2020 election periods. In 2019 there was an election for six Directors, with three serving two-year terms and three serving three-year terms. Click here to see a chart with the Director name; whether appointed or elected; and term expiration date. 

Additional information about Director responsibilities are detailed in the Bylaws. If you have questions about become a Director, consider contacting a current Directors.

Jimmy Wu
Infinity Air, Inc.

About Jimmy

Jimmy Wu has been a leader in the Aerospace Industry for nearly 20 years. Mr. Wu is chairman of the board, president and chief executive officer of Infinity Air, Inc., a global leader in the Commercial Aviation Spares and FAA certified Repair Industry.

Mr. Wu founded Infinity Air, Inc. in 1997 and through his dynamic vision and strategic planning, Infinity and its subsidiaries repair stations Allflight Corporation, has grown from an ambitious startup venture to a multi-million dollar global Supplier and Repair Station of Choice.

Under Mr. Wu's leadership, the Infinity Air Group has grown to include over 120 employees and over 150,000 square feet of facility space in five locations. This includes three spares distribution facilities, in Los Angeles, Miami and Seattle, and two FAA certified repair stations in Miami (8A9R791B FAA/EASA) and Seattle (PK3R654Y FAA, EASA, ANAC, and CAAC).


In addition, Mr. Wu serves as CEO of Infinity Air Oregon, LLC, a company based in Portland, Oregon specializing in the leasing of Advanced Aerospace Composite equipment and tooling. Mr. Wu also serves on the Board of Directors on Light-year Express, an international logistics/transportation company that specializes in large oversize air and ground shipments, as well as IAIP, the Intellectual Property R&D arm of the Infinity Air Group.

The promotion of Aerospace industry safety and integrity are great passions for Mr. Wu, who currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Aviation Suppliers Association (ASA). The ASA is a non-profit Aerospace association focusing on safety, international compliance, and ethical industry business practices. Mr. Wu plays a key role in leveraging his strong relations within the Pacific Rim/Southeast Asia and advance composite flight control repair to ensure that distributor safety and standards are consistent worldwide.

Prior to founding Infinity Air, Mr. Wu was the North American Purchasing Manager and the Pacific Rim/Southeast Asia Sales Manager for Ryder Aviation Sales.  Mr. Wu holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from University of California, Berkeley and currently resides in Los Angeles, Miami and Seattle.

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Corporate Officers

Michele Dickstein


Jason Dickstein

Corporate Secretary

Reynaldo Roche

Corporate Treasurer

Jeanne Meade

Corporate Officer, Committee to Safeguard Impartiality