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ASA Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing the management of the Association as well as developing the long-term financial and strategic plans. Directors devote a substantial amount of their personal time to ensure the success of the Association. Directors must be from a Regular Member that sells aircraft parts. There are four quarterly meetings as well as frequent conference calls between the meetings. The Board of Directors is a volunteer board and as such ASA does not pay for the expense associated with attending the quarterly meetings. The Board of Directors is also responsible for appointing the following officers: President, Corporate Secretary and Corporate Treasurer.

In 2019 there was a change to the ByLaws that impacted the length of the term of an elected Director with the intent that election terms migrate to a three-year term with elections for three Directors each year. This change will take place over the 2019 and 2020 election periods. In 2019 there was an election for six Directors, with three serving two-year terms and three serving three-year terms. Click here to see a chart with the Director name; whether appointed or elected; and term expiration date.

Additional information about Director responsibilities are detailed in the Bylaws. If you have questions about become a Director, consider contacting a current Directors.

Jason Reed
President, Component Solutions
GA Telesis, LLC
Phone: 954-676-3111
   About Jason

Jason Reed is President of the Component Solutions Group (CSG) with GA Telesis where he’s accountable for overall business unit responsibilities and developing strategic partnerships that lead to growth opportunities with customers and business partners alike. Areas of responsibility include profit and loss volume and profitability, sales, services, contract management, quality assurance, and global operations. Reed’s multinational and overall aviation industry relationships have been instrumental in translating both global and regional material opportunities into success for both customers and company.

Prior to joining GA Telesis, Reed was Vice President and Head of Operations for Airbus Americas and the Satair Group Americas. His primary focus was to develop mature, strategic, and positive long-term relationships with Airbus customers in the North and Latin American region. Responsibilities included operations, contract management,  supplier management, direction of all spares order desks, material sales & marketing  activities, as well as services development. Reed began his career as an engineer overseeing Technical and Customer Support management for global landing gear manufacturer Safran, formerly Messier-Dowty.

Reed received his bachelors of science degree from the Pennsylvania State University with a major in aerospace engineering and a minor in Spanish. His material sales, supplier management, operations and technical management experience covers the better part of 20 years and underscores both his detailed industry knowledge and ability to  drive increased business opportunities arising via the dynamic global aviation industry. Reed also serves on the Board of Directors for AFRA and is an advisory member of  MRO Americas.

Reed resides in Boca Raton, FL with his wife and daughter.
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Corporate Officers

Michele Dickstein


Jason Dickstein

Corporate Secretary

Reynaldo Roche

Corporate Treasurer

Jeanne Meade

Corporate Officer, Committee to Safeguard Impartiality