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CAVU Café: Royboy’s Prose & Cons

Labor Shortage Mitigation Strategies

Before getting started, I’d like to offer some advice to those already on the job market, or considering placing yourself on the market, or if your firm is in discreet discussions with an applicant: Obtain your training records from your previous or existing employer. It’s always a good idea to have copies of your training records, but more so in the dynamic employment market we find ourselves in today, especially since your furlough may come unannounced. My clients frequently hire ‘experienced’...

Posted By Roy Resto | 10/1/2021 9:56:13 AM

NOW!: Distributors/MROs Need to Establish Contact with Emerging Technology Companies

Who among us has not experienced that feeling in our lifetime of having missed an early opportunity to get on board with something new? At this very moment that same feeling should be sending out alarms! We are on the cusp of a revolution in air transportation of cargo and passengers. Now is the time for Distributors and MROs to aggressively forge ties with the emerging firebrands of this movement, and to creatively develop new methods to support it while the distribution of spares and performan...

Posted By Roy Resto | 8/2/2021 12:42:52 PM


There are lots of awards, trophies, and recognitions in aviation, but the Collier is among the most historically significant and longest running of them all. This is going to be a departure from the usual fare, but a fun one! I recently read a magazine piece on the finalists for this trophy (see below) for the recent year which triggered this article. Since 1910 the Trophy has been given annually for: "…the greatest achievement in aeronautics or astronautics in America, with respect to improving...

Posted By Roy Resto | 8/2/2021 12:34:06 PM


Having worked for a major airline, the tragic memory of one of our aircraft crashing into the side of a mountain remains vivid. I was the senior QA member of management at the facility where this aircraft had all its major maintenance performed. I was off duty when the news broke. I called my on-duty staff and instructed them to sequester all the records for the aircraft in anticipation of the investigation review. As the sun rose the next day, the call came to hand these over. My thoughts immed...

Posted By Roy Resto | 3/30/2021 9:35:12 PM


You’ve been ‘listed’. That could be good or that can be bad! If you’re on a no-fly list, that’s bad, but if you’re on any of the following lists, consider yourself privileged. Whether you call it a Roster, Registry, or Listing of Authorizations, they all essentially mean the same thing: It’s a tabulation of names and the listing of tasks they are authorized to perform. Let’s amplify this, and by the way, regardless of what you call it, in this article I’ll use the generic term, Roster. In aviati...

Posted By Roy Resto | 2/1/2021 9:32:54 AM


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