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Client Survey

Thank you for taking the time to complete ASACB client survey.

ASACB is committed to client satisfaction and client feedback is essential for improvement.

Survey results are one way of capturing feedback and will remain confidential between ASACB and you.

If you have an questions please email ASA.

APPLICATION AND CONTRACT PROCESS (Skip this section if your audit did not require an application or contract)

On a scale of 1-5, how would you rate your experience during the application process with ASACB (ease of application, logical approach to application questions, timeliness of response)?
Did you find the quote and contract easy to understand?
Did you find ASACB's pricing to be fair?


Were you satisfied with the pre-audit preparation communication between ASACB and your company?


Did the audit plan provide you with sufficient detail and information?
Was the audit plan provided to you at least 30 days prior to the audit (if your audit date did not allow for the 30 days, please select N/A)?
Did you feel the opening meeting clearly explained what to expect during the audit?
During the Closing Meeting, did the Auditor explain to you your right to discuss, question and if needed appeal any findings?
During the Closing Meeting, was the corrective action(s) process clearly explained (process for providing information to Auditor and timeline for information)?
Were all audit findings explained?
Did you find the auditor(s) to be knowledgeable?
Did you find the auditor(s) to be professional?

Do you have any comments regarding the Auditor(s) (negative, positive, constructive improvement) so as to improve auditor performance? Any negative or constructive improvement comments will be shared with Auditor without disclosing company name.


Did you feel the post-audit closure process (from after the audit including time any NCRs were closed, until you received audit closure notice from ASACB) was done in a timely manner?
Were their errors in the documents provided to you from ASACB (other than draft documents such as a certificate that you were asked to approve)?


Overall, how would you rank the audit program with respect to improving your company’s QMS performance?