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ISO 9001:2015 Frequently Asked Questions

ISO 9001:2015 was released 9/15/2015.  Organizations currently registered to ISO 9001:2008 will have 3 years to make the transition to the 2015 version. Companies seeking ISO 9001 certification may still be seek initial certification to ISO 9001:2008 even though the 2015 version has been released.  No ISO 9001:2008 certificates can be issued with an expiration date after 9/15/2018.   In support of this process, we wanted to answer some of the more common questions that we have received. 

When should my organization start the transition process? 
 Immediately!!  ASACB has under the Transition to ISO 9001:2015 information a Transition Milestone Form.  You can use this as a guide, if you are an ASACB client you are required to follow this form.  Don't forget to purchase the new standard ( or  Keep in mind you will have up to three years to make your changes. ASACB will work with all our clients on the transition timeline and support the Clients determination on when to have the transition audit. 

How long will ISO 9001:2008 continue to be enforce? 
Until September 15, 2018. After this date certificates to the 2008 version will no longer be valid.

Can our organization upgrade in 2016 during a re-certification or surveillance audit? 
Yes – providing your quality management system meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. Organizations can transition during a surveillance, recertification or special audit.  Transition audits will take place in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

My organization is thinking of getting certified to ISO 9001 in 2016, what version should we be using? 
We suggest you consider ISO 9001:2015 but this is your decision and ASACB will support an initial certification to ISO 9001:2008. 

How can I get a copy of the ISO 9001:2015 Standard? 
ASACB purchased our copy from but there are other vendors like 

I hear that the Standard has significantly change? 
Yes, there are substantial changes this revision including but not limited to: 
 · The renumbering to align with other management system standards such as 14000 and 18000. 
 · The elimination of the requirement to have a quality manual. 
 · The deletion of preventive action. 
 · Introduction of risk. 

ASACB has created a document called Interpretation Documentation with Sample Evidence and that document can be downloaded from the Reference Material section under ISO 9001:2015 Transition.

Will the transition to the new revision add additional days and additional costs to my organization? 
Being blunt - Yes.  The cost and additional days will vary depending on size, complexity, number of sites, etc. 

Will ASACB assist me through the transition? 
ASACB has issued web based overviews of the new Standard. In addition, ASACB issued an interpretive guidance on what the Standard is requiring. But, keep in mind that your organization is ultimately responsible to transition and comply with the Standard. 

Will ASACB be offering training to the new Standard? 
Yes, ASACB will offer a variety of training courses either through ASA or other companies.  

In addition to ISO 9001:2008, my company also holds AS 9120, how will ISO 9001:2015 impact AS 9120?
Another great question, and yes new versions of AS9100, AS9120 and AS9110 will be released.  The group that maintains and oversees the standards are working on the revisions.  Once more information is available, ASACB will update the FAQ and also email the Aerospace clients.  Look for more information in first Quarter 2016.   

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