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Stolen Parts Database

ASA strongly believes in the integrity and safety of the industry, and thus has created the first publically assessible Aviation Stolen Parts Database (Database) for use by all companies in the aviation community.  If your company has been the victim of theft, help protect the industry from criminal activity and fraud by notifying your colleagues about the theft.  Listing a part and searching for a part in the Aviation Stolen Parts Database is open to the public. In order to submit items to the Database, a police report must be filed and a copy must be submitted as part of the filing.


How does the Aviation Stolen Parts Database work?

  1. A person that has been a victim of parts theft may enter the information about the stolen parts.
  2. In order to enter a part, a police report must be filed.
  3. Once the information is submitted, ASA will confirm that the police report has been filed.
  4. ASA will not confirm the validity of the information in the police report.
  5. Once ASA confirms that a police report has been filed, the stolen part details will be uploaded to the Database.
  6. Any person can search the Database. 
  7. Any person can subscribe to the Database RSS feed.

If the part(s) are recovered, the person who submitted the information must contact ASA so that ASA can remove the part from the Database. Only the filer can have the information removed.


Note: The Aviation Stolen Parts Database is for reference only.  Any additional investigation is the responsibility of the viewer. This database has been prepopulated with data provided by Inventory Locator Service, LLC (ILS); this data has 1/17/2011 listed in the "Date Posted to ASA" section. ASA has not confirmed that a police report has been filed for the ILS data.  For each new entry, ASA has verified that a police report has been filed but not the validity of the report.  It is not the purpose of this Database to be used as a way to settle business disputes.  Any party that files a police report may subject itself to state and/or federal laws that may carry both civil and criminal consequences. 


For a full list of instructions for completing an entry, click here.


To add a part(s) to the Stolen Parts Database, click here.

To search the Stolen Parts Database, click here
RSS Feed: Instructions click here. Subscribe:  Stolen Parts List