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ASA Member Bulleltin - Mar 2019 - Mekco Group Asks, "Why Not?"

William “Bill” Utset, President of MEKCO Group recently addressed the SFAMC group in Miami. While he detailed the products and services MEKCO Group provides, Bill focused more on how he got to where he is today, and the importance of networking opportunities like SFAMC, ASA Conferences, ASA Workshops, etc. 
Bill’s background in inflight entertainment began with Avicom International in 1985. Avicom changed names over the years and was the supplier for inflight entertainment products for various airlines, with American Airlines their major customer. Bill attended many quarterly meetings where in one meeting the AA Program Manager wanted to offer their other inflight entertainment product to their international customers. Placing individual 8mm video players in the First-Class Passengers control. Not wanting to say no to their top customer, Hughes-Avicom, as they were now known, and Bill said, why not make this happen for them. 

Programs like these don’t necessarily evolve quickly, but since 1995, the concept of personal electronic devices (PED), caught on with consumers. The product has improved over time with the iPad and Bose Headsets leading the way to other PED products and services.  Hughes-Avicom eventually turned into Rockwell Collins and in 2008, the decision to move the business out of the country from So Florida was made. Bill was able to capitalize on the local talent and experienced people, who did not plan to move overseas, and continue with In-Flight Entertainment equipment repairs and service locally in South Florida, by starting his own company. This gave MEKCO the opportunity to work directly with airlines and establish a distribution & repair program for the inflight system. 

That was 11 years ago. It begs the question, “Why Not? Why stop there? What began as inflight repairs, expanded to connectivity, cabin/content software upgrades, cabin and galley component solutions; and more recently, MEKCO has expanded into a wide range of plastic and composite repairs by becoming the first FAA/EASA approved SATTO Repair Center, USA which repairs damaged interior plastic and composite components. Bill believes, it is in these social environments, where there is a network of people sharing their experiences and services, which can lead you to your next venture or business service idea and hopefully additional sales. Bill’s message, go out and network; reinvent, grow and never stop asking, “Why Not?”

For more information about Mekco Group's products and services, please visit or call 305-592-8807.