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Instructions - RSS Feed Subscription

RSS feeds provide frequently updated content published by a website. There is no fee to subscribe. To subscribe to the Stolen Parts Database RSS Feed and get regular updates when new submissions are added, please follow the instructions below.


      1. Click on  to subscribe to the Stolen Parts Database RSS Feed.


      2. Click the Subscribe to this Feed icon to subscribe to the feed. 

          a. To make feed visible on your browser’s toolbar, subscribe to the feed and  select Add  

              to Favorites Bar.

          b. If you do not want the feed icon to be visible on your browser’s toolbar, you may view

              the feed by clicking the Feeds tab in the Favorites Center. To view your feeds, click 

              the Favorites button, and then click Feeds.


       3. Your browser will create a Common Feeds List, which can be accessed by other

           programs (ex. Microsoft Office) allowing you to display subscribed fees in other



           a. For Microsoft Office:

               i. On Tools menu, click Options.

               ii. Under the Other tab, click Advanced Options

               iii. Click the check box for, Sync RSS Feeds to the Common Feed List

               iv. Stolen Parts Database feed will appear as a new folder under the RSS Feeds folder

                   of your inbox.

                v. Open new items and click on View Article. This will take you to the Stolen Parts

                   Database search page.

                vi. Click on the  icon on the page and it will take you to the feed. If the database 

                    is listed as one of your favorites, you may also click on the icon in your toolbar.