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Stolen Parts Submission Instructions

The instructions below pertain to adding one or more stolen part to the database. If more than one part was stolen at any given time, only one entry is necessary. However, serialized parts or those with different part numbers, must have a separate line completed.  


Add a Stolen Part(s)


* To submit your entry for reveiw, you must provide the following information when completing the form:

· Date Reported to Law Enforcement

· Law Enforcement Agency Reported to

· Law Enforcement Agency Phone Number

· Law Enforcement Agency Report Number

· Copy of Police Report (for ASA internal use only)


Click the   icon should you need any clarification regarding a particular field.


Each field must be completed. Serialized parts, and those with different part number/names, require a separate line. Click "Add Another Part" below the table to complete an additional line.


Explanation of Fields:


· Part Name: Original Manufacture Part Name (preferred) or Common Industry Name


· Serial # - If serial number is not available, must list N/A


· Part Application – Choose application most common for the part or component

        a. Commercial

        b. General Aviation

        c. Military


· Market Value of Part – (Internal Use Only – Not for Public Viewing)


· All information pertaining to the reporter and company must be completed but will be for internal use   

  by ASA only. Not for Public Viewing