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ASA Technical Bulletin Issue 4, June 2017

The following companies have achieved certification to the Aviation, Space and Defense management system standards:


  • Applied Thin Films - ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100C - Fremont, CA
  • Anillo Industries, Inc.; Hightower Metal Products, Inc. & Hightower Plating Co - ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100C - Orange, CA
  • Prime Air Europe - ISO 9001:2008 and AS9120A - Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom
  • Quality Stamping & Machine, Inc. - ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100C - Sumner, WA
  • Liberty Engineering - ISO 9001:2008 and AS9120A - Garland, TX

ASACB Training Announcements

Our next Workshop will be held on August 30, 2017. This workshop will address the new AS9120B requirements. The presenter will be Walter Sam O'Connor, Vice President Technical Services for ASACB. This workshop is open to ASA Members, ASA-100 Accredited companies and ASACB certified clients and any other organization certified to AS9120A. The cost for members, accredited companies and certified clients is $300.00 and for non-members, non-accredited companies and non-certified clients is $500.00. Registration is required and will be available on our website at after June 30, 2017.


ASACB will be offering additional workshops in the upcoming months. Stay tuned for announcements on the following Training workshops:

  • AS9100D Transition September 2017 in Atlanta, GA area.
  • AS9110C Transition September 2017 in Atlanta, GA area. 

Amazing Introductory Promotional Offer for New ASACB Clients

ASA is pleased to announce an amazing offer to new ASACB clients. Any organization that attends an ASA ISO or AS Standards Workshop and subsequently contracts with ASACB for certification services will receive a discount on those services (limitations apply, see below). Which incredible offer will you choose?


  1. Contract with ASACB within 7 days of attending the workshop - receive a 10% discount on audit day rate.
  2. Contract with ASACB after 7 days of attending the workshop - receive a 5% discount on audit day rate.

Discounts apply to the 1st year of services and are only offered to new clients who are seeking ISO 9001, AS9100/AS9110/AS9120 initial certification services through ASACB. The discount does not apply to audit travel or fee expenses. Days are counted as calendar days. For questions and additional information, please contact Sam O'Connor.


ASACB will be offering 90 minute workshops on the following topics during the July 9-11, 2017 ASA Annual Conference. 

  • Product Safety as it relates to AQMS AS9100D/AS9110C/AS9120B
  • Required Documentation as it relates to AQMS AS9100D/AS9110C/AS9120B

Transition information

There are only 15 months remaining for the transition to the new ISO 9001/AS9100/AS9110/AS9120 standards. Organizations that are AS9100/AS9110/AS9120 and waiting on release of the new revisions should already have or are in process of implementing the ISO9001:2015 standards new requirements. ISO 9001:20015 is the base standard for all the newly revised and pending release AS series standards. This will aid in getting your organization prepared to achieve the transition deadline of September 15, 2018 for AS9100/AS9110/AS9120.


All transition audits must be completed by June 15, 2018 per industry requirements listed in Supplemental Rule SR003 which can be located at  The SR003 document is located under the section titled "9100:2016 Series Quality Management System Transition" in paragraph two last sentence.


If you should have any questions please contact Sam O'Connor, Vice President Technical Services ASA/ASACB or George Ringger, Accreditation Manager ASACB for clarification or concerns.


ASACB Transition Complete

ASACB has successfully transitioned its AQMS accreditations for all three AS9100 industry standards as of May 11, 2017.   All audits that begin on or after June 15, 2017 will be to the new revisions of AS9100D/AS9110C/AS9120B. 


Transition Aid

The ASACB has a gap assessment worksheet to aid in the transition to AS9100D that is based on input from the IAQG. It can be downloaded via the following link; Gap Assessment AS9100D. It may also be accessed from the ASA's Website at: AQMS:2016 Transition Policy; scroll to the bottom of the bottom of the page and click on Gap Assessment AS9100D.


Quality Management Standards for the ASD Industry.

The following documents have been created by the Aviation, Space and Defense Industries (ASD) and released through Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) for use by organizations supporting and supplying a product or service to the ASD industries.  You can purchase or access these documents at

  • AS9102 First Article Inspection Requirement
  • AS9146 Foreign Object Damage
  • AS9114 Direct Ship Guidance for Aerospace Companies
ASA News!

Government Affairs and Legal News: 

"Last Certificated Agency" on SPEC 106: What Does it Mean?

One of ASA's members wrote to us with a Spec 106 question. It's a question we've heard before. At its root, the question is, "What does block 13C on the ATA Spec 106 form ("Last Certificated Agency") mean and whose name do we put into that block?" Read more...


Receiving Inspectors are Not Preforming Maintenance

In a Victory from common sense, the FAA issued a legal interpretation that confirms that receiving inspector's who are receiving articles for stock are not performing maintenance activities and therefore are not among the personnel who are required to be subject to DOT-regulated drug and alcohol testing. Read More...


DOT OIG's Audit Report of FAA's Oversight of the SUPs Program and FAA's Response 

The following "Results In Brief" excerpt is from the office of the Assistant Inspector General for Aviation Audits' letter to the FAA. We suggest thoroughly reading the letter and the report in its entirety to understand the FAA's corrective actions and timelines. FAA's process for monitoring and investigating SUPs is not as effective as it could be, because of recordkeeping weaknesses and the lack of a management control to capture and accurately report the number of SUPs. Read more...

ASA Events!

ASA 2017 Annual Conference:

Information is Power! 16 General Session Presentations and 20 Workshops

ASA2017 Conference Agenda is Now Available On-Line!  

Hyatt Regency Hotel Room Block Cut-Off is Friday, June 16th.
Quality Committee Meeting - July 9, 2017, Reston, VA
The next QC Meeting is scheduled for July 9, 2017 at the Hyatt Regency, Reston, VA. Separate registration is required. Also, be sure to make your hotel reservations accordingly. If you have any questions please contact Tony Brigham.